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Toy Art 2.0 by Jeremy Brautman / jeremyriad Empty Toy Art 2.0 by Jeremy Brautman / jeremyriad

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Toy Art 2.0 by Jeremy Brautman / jeremyriad Toyartheader_original



Toy Art 2.0 is a journey into the wild world of contemporary toy art from the fascinating perspectives of gallery owners, art producers, artists and collectors.

More than 50 interviews and essays and over 150 delicious eye candy photos tell the story of this unique community and addictively accessible art form.

Toy Art 2.0 is a must for anyone with a curious mind and a deep appreciation for strange beauty. It is for the art lovers and the future collectors. It is for the eternally young at heart.

- Limited edition of 1,000 copies!
- 290-page hardcover coffee table book!
- Built-in bookmark ribbon!
- Weighs over 4 pounds!
- Copies bought through Storenvy will be signed and/or dedicated by Jeremy!

Created and designed by Okedoki. Interviews and editing by Jeremy Brautman. Produced by VTSS Toys.

Featuring: Alvin Tan Jian Shan, Amy Del Castillo, Ayleen Gaspar, Bigboy Cheng , Bjorn Calleja, Brandt Peters, Brian Flynn, Carl “Mutonismyfriend” Kent-Smith, Walter “Chauskoskis “Jacott, Chris Ryniak, Dan Harris, Doktor A, Dov Kelemer, Eduardo “Vinyltoyz” Olegario, Ferg, Francesco de Molfetta, Frank Kozik, Frank Schaefer, Gino Joukar, Glenn L Barr, Haynmade, Henry Loh, Huck Gee, Ian Malcolm, J*RYU, Jesse Hernandez, John “Spanky” Stokes, Jon Lao, Julie B., Justin Jewett, Kathie Olivas, Kev Taylor, Kirby Kerr, Kirkland Jue, Kristoffer “Wtfunks” Butiong, Laina Jones, Lee “Leecifer” Gajda, Luke Rook, Marcos Janri, Mark Nagata, Muschelschubser, Nakanari, Nicolas Caldas, Paul Kaiju, Phil “Plur511” Lin, Raymond Choy, Rob Clarke, Ron English, Ryan Roberts, Sara Harvey, Sergey Safonov, Skinner, StacyJean, Steve Agin, Sucklord, Vadim Tslaf, Vince Su, Yosiell Lorenzo

*Note: This item is currently only shipping to U.S. addresses.*

Ordered mine. Now I'm going back to sleep. Hate being sick. Peace Out.

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