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Stuff for sale! =) Empty Stuff for sale! =)

Post  DrftDrgn21 on Thu Jun 26, 2014 9:15 am

Mardivale lot of 3:$22 shipped
Stuff for sale! =) 1A735412-137E-4C90-963A-690FFDD1F867_1

Rsin Agent K sealed ($25 shipped)

Nycc Gold ryu $25
Stuff for sale! =) CBD3DE24-299D-452F-8DA4-181884148151_1

Jesse Hernandez clear red Resin mictlan ($110 shipped) $40 less than I bought it for!!
Stuff for sale! =) 77E2E954-D76B-4D24-B5A4-600BE8221E66

Jesse Hernandez dunny 2010 bat god -no artist card ($35)
Stuff for sale! =) 8E08923E-10D6-4525-86AD-F0DCD1412441

Gloomy "pound" edition ($30
Stuff for sale! =) 3CF643DF-5E52-4130-AE2E-253154F41AAD

Southpark Stick of truth lot ($25)
Stuff for sale! =) 33C1392E-8EB9-4A02-8ABA-CAB1D657EF2D

Minimum purchase of $20 please:

Any 6 figs below for $20, w/ea addtl @$3ea

Stuff for sale! =) 95502C3A-E9CD-4674-8815-893BB7A0E4F3
Stuff for sale! =) 07D7C897-32B9-4EA9-AC11-F287BDB5DB29
Stuff for sale! =) 4E22A2B5-EBCB-4A36-A491-E2C4EEF3D5C1
Stuff for sale! =) 356BB7A7-3472-413C-A659-9AD668F13E49
Stuff for sale! =) 76255B92-1D68-4814-AFE1-392D9E93F3D2

Custom BDB's:
Stuff for sale! =) 5B1C0310-B006-4E78-A39D-DD805F661DD4

Omfg s2 AP's $5ea
Stuff for sale! =) ACFC9301-326B-4D9C-AFA5-54D6A4399CC1

Custom artist stroll series 1- $30ea (excluding bunny, needs to be touched up)

Dan Brodzik

Stuff for sale! =) 49ABBE13-4F6B-4995-A2DA-6C5895A72647
Cranston jrs also for sale $30ea

Custom Big Sal by F+ ($110)
Stuff for sale! =) 12D1211E-4371-4C90-9878-E7191B8BB884-21182-00000AE6BA96425A
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