WTB LOTS of rare BUDS!

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WTB LOTS of rare BUDS! Empty WTB LOTS of rare BUDS!

Post  senkada on Fri Nov 11, 2016 11:56 pm

Hey guys! Looking to buy the 9'' Mummy BUD (deadstock), 3" dunny mummy (deadstock), sealed Halloween candypaint skllbd, 3" Ferg "Mechin 31" BUD with print (deadstock), 9" Threezero clear Bud with print (deadstock), 3" BOTM "SMILE F****R", 9" Red Threezero Bud, 9" BUD " DUD GID ", 3" Candypaint " the gift lottery ", 3" BUDCAT ' exclusive by Scott Wilkowski - 2 colorways. 50 pcs each colorway - SDCC 2010 (deadstock), 3" Butcat - Exclu halloween - by Scott Wilkowski - orange color - 70pieces - 31 october 2010 (DEADSTOCK),

Please PM me if you have any of the above. Include PICs, and contact info (cant reply to PM's.) Thanks alot! santa
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WTB LOTS of rare BUDS! Empty Re: WTB LOTS of rare BUDS!

Post  Mendez on Thu Feb 02, 2017 11:54 pm

WTB LOTS of rare BUDS! 267410_10150249939763426_483548_n

I have these and would be willing to entertain offers. lmk

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